I Flew to Washington D.C. with no plans and it didn’t start off well.. Here’s what happened

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  1. Kyle, Ben's Chili Bowl has changed hands a few times. That's one problem. However, NO ONE comes there to order the chili alone in a bowl. Everyone orders the half smokes (smoked sausage) with chili on them. The chili is more of a condiment vs. a main dish. You essentially just ate a bowl of fancy ketchup. LOL! Seriously, any of the little food stands you see along the sides of the downtown streets more than likely serve half smokes. In my opinion the best place to buy is near the Howard University Business school. Order with chili and mustard. You will love it. Ben's started it all years ago but it is just a site seeing spot now.

  2. As a DC native I’m sorry your experience was far from the norm of what locals would recommend…I do hotel tourism and mgmt. I also am a hotel manager for a few properties. If you would like to give us another shot I have some travel recommendations, and depending on cost and expectations.

    Some hotel suggestions to make the experience better next time. I can email you with the details but I feel like you should give the brunch capital of the world/Chocolate city one more shot ☮️

  3. AirBnB or VRBO when in DC-stayed by barracks last time, quick walk to Metro to go anywhere we wanted (and lucked out we went the week cherry blossoms popped out on the Mall-breathtaking!)

  4. 1) Next trip stay in Arlington, VA(much nicer area)
    2) Next time schedule for a tour of the White House(speak to your congressperson) and a tour of the capital
    3) That was most likely a motorcade for the VP or someone in a cabinet position(the presidential limo wasn't in the precession)
    4) Great video, love your work

  5. Sorry you didn't love Ben's. I did cringe a little at you saying you didn't like it and the owner was right behind you 😭🤣

  6. Love history & loving this vlog! I live in VA, next come down to Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello. I pass it everyday going to work. Absolutely beautiful area!

  7. Oh my goodness I’ve been loving all your travel Vlogs they have been so good!!
    💖💖💖💖 traveling is the best I’m gonna be traveling to Nashville in two weeks

  8. I used to go to DC a lot on business…. I was a software developer on a FAA contract and they used to have us stay at Dulles Hilton hotel….. it was pretty nice if you are looking for somewhere else to stay

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