How to start a nonprofit in Pennsylvania – 501c3 Organization

How to start a nonprofit in Pennsylvania – 501c3 Organization: To form a nonprofit, you’ll need to learn how to name, appoint a registered agent, select board members, and ultimately file your state’s articles of incorporation. In this video, we cover those steps, and everything else your nonprofit will need to do business, and keep compliant.

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How to Form a Nonprofit Overview:
0:00 – Intro: How to form a 501c3 non profit corporation.
0:57 – One: Choose and Secure your Nonprofit’s Name.
1:49 – Two: Appoint a Registered Agent.
2:20 – Three: Select Directors and Officers.
3:20 – Four: File the Certificate of Formation.
3:50 – Five: Operating Procedures and Housekeeping.
6:00 – Six: Apply for 501(c)(3) status (Federal Tax Exemption)
7:05 – Hire a Professional Service.
7:45 – Conclusion & Resources.

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🎫 Learn more about How to Name a Nonprofit, both to make it a memorable brand name and to keep it compliant with your state’s naming guidelines:

🌐 After this, make sure the website URL you want is available, and use our link to get a discount on it from Godaddy:

πŸ’Έ How to apply for 501(c)(3) Tax Exemptions:

Other Useful Nonprofit Resources:
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