1. Tried to renew my pa boat registration online , the page/website it sent me to sucked ass ,,,,,, ended up having to use snail mail instead ….a i recall had another issue with that site a year ago . Someone needs to get their head out of their ass and pay attention to paying customers

  2. i will i wont be hunting no more – i needed to start stepping up to the plate in the low numbers its kids to lay to get dinner on table no dads help out in family why cause of the sin in the world period
    the ending of it all

  3. Good start – But how does all this help a hunter who is also applying for an antlerless license? I don't think that's automated, but instead relies on the archaic "pink envelope" mailing system… when that part of the process is also the most time-sensitive! So, we're halfway there, I guess…? ugh

  4. Why do I need to provide the last four of my social when providing a CID? Never had to before. Why has PA disclosed my SSN to a third party vendor?

  5. Anything from the Pennsylvania game commissioner to Pennsylvania fish commission always contains good information. Do hunting license as I believe go on sale June 14th and I will be there soon as the store opens to get mine. This will be my 50th hunting license and it's been quite amazing to watch all the changes throughout the years. The only thing I don't particularly care for is that it seems to me that every year there's less and less land to hunt on. I would like to say to everyone who plans on purchasing a hunting license please enjoy themselves when they're in the woods to the fullest. The woods and the forest will actually talk to you if you let it and teach you different things cuz I know it has and continues to teach me every time I go out. Always be safe that's the number one priority. No matter how long you've been around guns or hunting every time you pick up a firearm consider it a learning experience because when the day comes you think that you know everything there is to know about firearms or hunting that's when tragedy usually occurs. Please everyone have a great hunting season and be safe

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