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Learn about the process to become a Notary Public in Pennsylvania. For detailed instructions on getting your PA Notary commission, visit

Notaries are responsible for verifying a person’s identity, confirming they are aware of what they plan to sign, and that they are not being pressured to sign a document.

Pennsylvania Notary applicants must be 18 or older, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, live or work in PA, and have no disqualifying offenses on their record. If you meet the necessary requirements, you are ready to get started.

Here are the important steps it takes to become a Notary Public in PA:

1:02 – Take a Notary training class.
1:06 – Complete the PA Notary Public application online.
1:08 – Pay the Department of State’s processing fee.
1:12 – Schedule, pay for, and pass the exam.
1:36 – When you pass the test, you’ll get a Notice of Appointee letter.
1:40 – Buy your Notary surety bond.
1:44 – Take your oath of office and file your bond with the county recorder.
1:44 – Register your signature with the county prothonotary.
1:52 – Get your Pennsylvania Notary commission certificate and a wallet card from the county.
2:00 – Buy your Notary seal and journal.
2:32 – Buying Errors & Omissions insurance is completely optional, but it is a step you should consider taking. While Notaries should make every effort to avoid mistakes, if an error is made, having an E&O policy protects you as the Notary.

Access Pennsylvania’s guidelines for becoming a Notary here:

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  1. After you finish the course how long after are you able to take the exam? & do they schedule it for you? I ask because I'm out of state right now & don't want to miss the exam once i finish the course.

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