How Does ‘The Trump Factor' Play in 2022 Pennsylvania Races?

The influence of former President Donald Trump still looms large in politics. NBC10’s Lauren Mayk takes a look at his potential impact on the upcoming senate and gubernatorial races in Pennsylvania.


  1. I would like to reflect on President Ronald Reagan's quote: "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." I hope the pro-abortion advocates reflect on President Reagan's quote as well. Would they be alive if their mothers had aborted them? They should have the courage answer this genuine question before they promote killing of babies. Let's pray for their souls!

  2. I hope Trump endorses Dr. Oz. That way, a true Progressive Democrat like John Fetterman can easily beat him.
    Edit: Hah! I got my wish. Good luck getting Conservatives to back Dr. Oz.

  3. If they're STILL all about CHUMP after all he's ALREADY DONE, then there's no help for the REST of us who have decency, love for any of our fellow citizens, and morals.

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