House fire claims lives of 3 family members in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

A father and his two young sons lost their lives as a result of the blaze, while the mother and their oldest son managed to escape.




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  1. It's a sorrowful news. The root cause of this incident are ghosts. There are ghosts who commit crimes against humans. The ghosts belong to the creatures of lower status in whose psychology Offense resides. God will surely punish those whose ghosts have committed this crime.

  2. A few of the comments posted here and elsewhere are in my opinion absolutely pathetic.Apparently some people have no clue what empathy is.Three people are dead including a young child who was a teammate on my 10 year old grandson’s CYO basketball team.His friend is gone.No comment is better than some I’ve seen.

  3. This is so sad and tragic to have happen and on Christmas of all times. Life is precious, but also incredibly unfair. Why a wonderful family like this had to have this happen to them is just unfathomable to understand. It makes me so sad to know that life can be cruel like this to people. I pray that the surviving family can find peace someday and I pray for them. I pray they find peace.

  4. Cat and an unguarded candle: cat investigates candle, feigns disinterest and waves its tail across the flame; catches fire and darts to the tree for cover, igniting everything: how do investigators not know this?

  5. Why are we still having this problem? Do we not have fire prevention in schools anymore? No home should ever burn because of a " Christmas tree fire! This is the 21st century! This kind of fire should be something in the past! No excuses! Are the Investigators 100% sure it was faulty wiring on Christmas lights??? Sounds suspicious to me!!

  6. They always blame the tree. The fire department seems to attract dendrophobics. The rest of the family was probably against the mother's and son's love affair, so they had to be got rid of.

  7. Worse than heartbreak. I was trying to tell my family about this tragedy, but broke down so bad I couldn't talk. People donated so fast. What wonderful people to help this family.

  8. Trajedy hits when we least expect it and misfortune follows, therefore we ad onlookers learn by othe peoples mistakes. It s a warning lesson we can learn by and practice safety first.

  9. Seems like a suspicious deaths situation to me…how does mom and older son get out but dad does not? And then the younger sons perish as well?! It's the dads death that feels very odd…he looks fit and healthy in the pictures and mom not so much….something does not add up here

  10. My prayers goes out to the King family for this devastating and unbearable lost. This truly hurt my heart, I just can't imagine what the wife/ mother and surviving son are going through! Stay strong, almighty God is in control. Peace and love ! 💔😓

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