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Hersheypark is the self-proclaimed sweetest place on Earth and it’s hard to disagree. This Pennsylvania amusement park has a stacked ride lineup with 14 roller coasters (including 2 hyper coasters) and the full-fledged Boardwalk water park. Along with the thrills, this park manages to be beautiful and charming. Plus, you also have Hershey’s Chocolate World next door for free. Find out why this may be the best park in the northeast!

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  1. When I went three days ago I saw a Hawk on one of the trees near Great Bear I don’t see birds of prey at amusement parks at all I have a fascination with birds of prey since I was young

  2. Hershey is my fav park that's close to me (philly is in a good spot for coasters tbh). ive done season passes for great adventure and hershey and the overall vibe of hershey makes it more worth it to me even if they dont have el toro. dorney is also a cute little park and has an excellent haunt for what it's worth. im interested to see what hershey does since they advertised something a bit scarier this season

  3. Which one do you think is better Boston tea party or title force I’ve only been on one them The Boston tea party because Canobie lake is my home park

  4. I adore the park but I find it to be becoming more and more corporate.. it feels like a six flags park with all the adverts if six flags cared about paint and landscaping- and the pricing seems like Disney.. I don’t know why a sweatshirt costs $50.

  5. Its got the same problem as Disney..its way too overcrowded, mostly on weekends, without the capacity to handle it. Otherwise, its a great park with some awesome rides.

  6. I visited once in 2018, but one of my favorite parts was how they gave out water. They filled full size cups and set them out for people to just grab. I enjoyed both the accessibility and the size. Most parks you have to wait in line just to get a small cup

  7. Who knew a park from a chocolate company would have 14 coasters? This collection is amazing. They have 2 hypers, several looping coasters, and some good wooden cones. The park may not have much room left to expand both they don't need to worry about that as this park is already good enough to travel the country for. THe fat they have a hyper for people who want an intense experience or a more tame one shows they have something for everyone. Also Farechngiht looks absolutely amazing.

  8. Hersheypark is truly amazing and it’s one of the few parks that I visit every year. Also, I also recommend eating Troggs if anyone wants to eat at a restaurant outside and near the park.

  9. I'm not sure if it was operating during opening weekend, but the kissing tower was running last year at christmas time, so I imagine it should be open this year too.

  10. Thanks for the informative review. I'm traveling to Hershey for the first time Thursday June 9th so I wonder if I will need the fast pass in order to get around? We won't be able to preview unfortunately.

  11. HersheyPark is a really great park with some great atmosphere also with a good coaster collection. The park is so photogenic and their coasters are so photogenic you can’t get enough of it. The way they organized thing is really something to remember, their entrance is such a great entrance.

  12. I was able to marathon Candymonium during early entry in 2020 & June 2021, but July 2021 early entry was insane. Candymonium was an hour wait within 15 minutes of early entry, and it was on weekdays. Regarding Wildcat, you certainly have more experience with it than I do, so I have to assume I've caught it on good days on all my visits. It's only been a little rough for me, even in the back row, so I almost always rode it back there, and the airtime is pretty good. Raven (2020) & Legend (2021) have been far rougher for me.

    I totally loved my time at this park. I love the variety of rides and other attractions, plus the great atmosphere. It's an all-time top 3 park for me. I currently am thinking # 2, but it could be my favorite if I were able to fully partake in what they offer all year.

  13. Stellar review. You'll be happy to know that the Kissing Tower opened late in 2021 and pretty much unannounced. My friend was there seeing it up and running. Then 5 minutes later the park posted on their IG that it was once again open.

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