Heart surgeon, television personality ‘Dr. Oz’ runs for Pennsylvania senate | Nightline

Dr. Mehmet Oz joined a crowded race as a Republican and has cast himself as someone who can fix a broken system that has been made worse by the pandemic.





  1. Dr Oz says the American people are not working hard enough we are supposed to work harder not smarter United States used to be about if you work a full-time job and work hard you can make a living now you've got to work harder and harder and harder they just want more and more from us and not expect anything in return they don't want to pay us enough to survive they want us to work harder just for no reason so they can be in these big fancy houses and people average 65 hours a week for no reason for nothing to show for it that is not the American way that's a third world country works there's something seriously wrong with these people

  2. Mrs maCaskil you being a democrat are used to telling things that just are not true almost daily. He comes from the other side senator that's why you don't like h lying comes naturally for you senator .

  3. Gosh, this guy sounds overly scripted and insincere. This spot comes off just as "genuine" as the cornball stunts on the TV show. // Better to vote for Doctor Zaius, the orangutan member of the Ape National Assembly and Minister of Science.

  4. This reeks, of Trump. This is one of the reasons less and less people trust America any more.
    Celebrities like this guy will see out thier country for a buck.

  5. F that , I won't vote for that moron he's a Rino , as for the science it says them masks do nothing stop pushing your scare tactics , covid is a political scare tactic . Stop the mask nonsense already nobody cares except the democratic braindead slaves of there Master Biden

  6. Pennsylvanians DON'T be a bunch of fools that get duped into voting this Leftist in who is disguised as a Conservative because of his ONE selling medical point. He is NOT 2nd Amendment friendly.

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