1. Using a cheap green screen like that to make your point while your head floats around is worse. Must have been no millennials there to help him.

  2. Here’s an idea if you attack rob or rape someone you go to jail and if you keep doing these crimes you stay in jail

  3. We just had a person who was detained and they took a bunch of knives away then they were returned to his father later his father signed to help his son buy a bunch of guns which he later shot his grandmother in the face then went out shot up the neighborhood and a school where the 400 policemen were standing outside stopping the parents from going in to rescue there kids why don’t you just pass a law that says democrats gang bangers and drug addicted people are not allowed to buy legal firearms

  4. People advocating to give up their rights is beyond me. Also, the state is likely not giving your firearms back. They have more time and money to screw you over if you fight your case and possibly win

  5. So what happens when a pissed off ex or some other disgruntled acquaintance goes to a judge and tells them you're unstable?


  7. So now we're literally doing what Germany did during the times of Hitler this is going to end very badly I can't believe where this stupid

  8. Red Flag laws have done nothing to stop shootings. They don't use then properly it never works right. The last 3 shooters should have been ideal candidates for red flag laws and no one did it so it doesn't work because the people in charge are not enforcing existing laws period including regular gun laws. Felons in possession just get let out etc

  9. Maybe they should be looking at Indiana and going Constituional Carry instead of waiving the red flag for more killing in their state.

  10. They want our guns as all of Europe is rising up against the Globalists that are currently trying to end food production and start a famine…which will end up in the US too.

  11. Do you want innocent Americans to die? Cause that how you get people killed and let me tell you the feds got no problem shooting unarmed folks.

  12. Calling yourself a “Gun Safety Group” while trying to pass a law that would confiscate private property from people who haven’t committed a crime seems misleading

  13. MSM approval rating is at 20%.fake news at its best selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this

  14. In the 20th century 52 million innocent people were disarmed by their government and then rounded up and killed for disagreeing with them.learn some history before it repeats itself in America

  15. Red flag laws are Unconstitutional, immoral and illegal.
    They WILL be shot down. Again.
    Pun intended.
    Do we have to teach you freaks this the hard way?
    Because you won't survive it.

  16. This won't stop mass shootings. This will only stop the people who could prevent more lives from being taken. I know the media hates to cover stories of concealed carriers saving people from a shooter but it happens more often then you would think. Cops take 5-10 minutes to show up but, imagine how many people can be hurt in that time. We need more concealed carriers to combat this. That and start screening for mental health issues in school/work.

  17. Gun safety has nothing to do with it. Law abiding people don't shoot others en masse. This will always be about gun confiscation. Only idiots can be fooled into believing it's about safety.

  18. " Danger " will be no doubt " considered" by political affiliation. Who is in charge in these Red flag states?????????

  19. The most interesting part about this is how we haven't had a single name off of Ghislaine Maxwells client list.
    Truly riveting stuff

  20. 750 million dollars.. abd 120 million to Ukraine.. thats over 200 million dollars in 100 days .. you cant even print that much in that mount of time

  21. The onus is on the state to prove that someone has criminal intent before confiscating their arms. Red flag laws essentially trample on due process and English common law.

  22. Soon, stating a biological fact on Twitter will result in 1) confiscation of your firearms and 2) minimum prison time.

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