1. Your teeth last week he was not he made you mad for life you know that I'm coming out to your ass don't listen to me but I'm going to tell you you cheat too much

  2. Really glad for Trevor Heineke. He was a very promising prospect/project for the Vikings, but he had terrible luck with a foot injury off the field. I hope he becomes a star QB in the league.

  3. @15:16 Gettlemen has been trying to improve the O-Line since he took over??? BUUUUULLLLLLLLSHIT!!! He hasn't done a goddamn thing in four years!!! This idiot is tied to doing NOTHING to address the perennial issue of the O-line and drafting Daniel F'ing Jones to be Eli's successor. Kick rocks, Assclown!!!

  4. I just wanted to tell you that the Lord Jesus Christ loved you very much and died on the cross of cow before you. You can accept Jesus as your savior anytime you want. As someone that I know is so funny quoting, he is only a prayer away

  5. George Washington, would Role in his grave knowing DC went chia Communist woke.
    But the funny thing here in Washington that the pathetic left hates in on the Helmets.
    So it's kinda good to see George Washington in their faces before they realize it.
    Y'all are so Stupid
    Your clown circus in Woke the Joke.

  6. Sad honestly. Disappointed to see this many people in the stands for the Washington Invertebrates. The NFL is in no manor to watch. I watch frogs jump daily and its more entertaining than this.

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