1. What are the chances Wuhan Lab bat's monkey asses and covid and a good samaritan that thinks monkeys are kittys and we should poke our fingers in cages first to see what sort of pink eye we can get. Good job miss Michele crisis actor.

  2. Oh yes..what are the chances? Monkeys being transported to Missouri through PA and the CDC..as if they are already suffering from bac luck by chance are dealins with some monkey business and a good samaritan stops to help out the monkeys by offering her helping eye lids…This is what good samaratins do. Stop and risk being bitten by a few monkeye on the loose. Yes..the frigid temps in Pa are very helpful in keeping then alive and well I never said Michelse was a ciris actress either! so naaaa!

  3. Next thing you know she's going to be taking antivirals which we can't get…. They're going to tell her that she's infected with some monkey herpes… Some sort of rare rabies that's from some other part of the world is going to infect humans and take out half of the world starting with America that's we have to set up the FEMA camps now and it only affects the unvaccinated that voted for Trump.

  4. Why is PETA so silent now ? This makes me not want to get the jab even more so. How many monkeys have to suffer and die so Fauci can perfect his Gain of Function species jumping viruses. It looks like this accident is his dream come true. It also looks a bit suspect to me.

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