Former Washington employees allege widespread sexual harassment | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Big Cat talk about allegations from former Washington Football Team employees about the team’s pervasive culture of sexual harassment. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #WashingtonCommanders
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Former Washington employees allege widespread sexual harassment | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. Boycott NBC olympics !! Dont watch !!! NBC IS A DISGRACE SUPPORTING CHINA human rights violations!!!!!
    Where is the journalism??????!They always talk about the host country when it served their purpose!!!!


  2. It’s about to be a whole new rebrand if they dnt arrest Dan Snyder they are definitely going to put him out of the nfl because I guarantee you it’s other owners involved through those emails to protect the nfl as a whole he has to take a the fall cause he got caught the commanders are just as temporary as the Washington Football team

  3. Amazing that the only person punished in this whole ordeal has been Jon Gruden, who was in the wrong but also wasn't an employee of any NFL team at the time he sent those emails. Dan Snyder is such a POS and Goddell's legacy so far has been to cover up scandals a la Deflategate, Kaep being blacklisted, CTE emergence, etc.

  4. I did not you were a lawyer back in the day! Thank you for bringing this to light AGAIN! You are hero and crusader at the same time. You do great job Mike!

  5. If Daniel Snyder had knowledge of these activities and he did not take any actions to correct this then he is part of the problem
    and he should be forced to sell the team in my opinion. And if the NFL discovered these things in their internal investigation
    and they did nothing then they are just as guilty. It will be interesting to see the out come of this inquiry, let's see what happens.

  6. What Denise said was absolutely disgusting and reprehensible. That kind of treatment is UNACCEPTABLE. I am quite sure that the player who exposed himself, wouldn't have wanted his wife to experience that with someone other than her husband.

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