FLINTLOCK MUZZLELOADER Whitetail Deer Hunting 2021 in Pennsylvania – Early Season Longrifle Hunt USA

Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunt 2021. Follow John and friends as they head to the western pennsylania deer woods in search of bear and doe during the statewide early muzzleloader season. Brian and Joe tag out early while Mike gets a couple shots on some big doe. The guys see tons of wildlife including multiple big bucks! Be sure to watch to the end and see Brians video!
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  1. Nice Video. But i cant understand Why he made the 2 shots. 2 Misses in best case. Not very satisfying or not? Shoot only i you are not under stress and absolutely sure that you will hit.

  2. I've thought about getting into muzzleloader deer hunting (centerfire rifles are illegal for hunting in my state, and there are a ton of regulations regarding shotgun deer). Muzzleloader is pretty generous. They can be flintlock, caplock, or inline. The only restrictions are that rifles have to be at least .45cal, and smoothbores at least .50cal.

  3. if archery isn't frustrating enough for you and you really want to drive yourself crazy there is always flintlock. cheers!! keep your pecker hard and your powder dry!!

  4. i passed on 2 giant does this year during archery because 2 fawns were with them. and i was hoping a big buck was following them. 3 hours later when i was walking back to the truck the very same does were 5 and 10 yards away from me standing on the path staring at me. the 2 fawns were feeding in the weeds on the side. i yelled at em to take their kids and go and they just stood there until i got 3 feet away then ran off. my passes are good all day.

  5. I have 9 black powder guns (percussion and flintlocks). There is something special about hunting with a flintlock. Now the percussion guns don't get much of a chance to go out. I only take out the percussion guns in the rain, though the rain didn't seem to be a factor for you.

  6. Love this video! I, too, love the early PA muzzleloader season, although I cheat and use an inline. Flintlock after Christmas though.

    What does "swamp barrel" mean, please?

  7. John, do you recommend where to purchase a flintlock vent pick, brush and flint knapping hammer from – either a company or certain person who makes them? Thank you!

  8. From field to frying pan mmm…mmm….Good! Nothing ever tastes so yummy as fresh deer tenderloin for breakfast. You gotta appreciate these fellas getting it done with rifles from the 1800's the way the Pioneers did.

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