Flight TRAILER (2012) Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis Movie HD

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Flight TRAILER (2012) Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis Movie HD

An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.


  1. They portrayed addiction accurately. I live with an alcoholic, and no amount of love or support stops alcoholics from picking up the bottle. Alcoholics decide when enough is enough. It could take years if ever. :((

  2. I remember seeing it in theaters and being shocked at much the movie was really an expensive character study. Denzel is amazing in it, just wasn’t expecting it to be about alcoholism

  3. I own this film for one reason. To me it has the most tragic FLIGHT if you'll pardon the word, I have ever seen in any disaster movie. I play it once a month, I tear up every time. Any film that can do that to me, over and over again, deserves recognition.

  4. I was just bored and browsing movies in Netflix and I came across this movie. No regrets. What a beautiful movie. It’s really a must watch i swear

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