Earthships in Pennsylvania?! The Full Story | Radically Off Grid Houses

This is a story about a father and son team that have inspired a radically off-grid housing movement in Pennsylvania. They started with an Earthship-inspired greenhouse in the suburbs of Philadelphia and are currently building a self- sufficient home in the woods.
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  1. I want to build one of these, are there any reference material for finding a community that will allow this? and then I can start looking for some land… under 5k or cheaper… I'd like to find an acre, in a rural area. then collect my garbage to recycle into a home. tired of paying high rent. and also, thank-you for the video and the people that pioneered this! awesome stuff!

  2. I am thinking about building one in South Carolina… I think it will work fine in that climate but I am unsure

  3. I live in New Mexico, Santa Fe, to be exact, and I have to tell you this is the way to save your life, your family, and friends too… If you are sick due to living on the grid, you very well may save your life and get off the meds, cutting the ties that bind you to a system failing us all. Make your own way, change your life, build your home using some basic practical instruction that anyone can understand. Create meaning in your life. Start now, do it today. It isn't easy to get up and get going; you must, we must… You will be glad you did something courageous, tell your story, teach your family, watch them flourish…

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  5. Very inspiring! I have build a house, but actually through building i was thinking about off grid ideas. Also i noticed that i don't like to listen people who have only standard ideas of building, i always wanted to upgrade it, make it better, clever. Functionality of the house or object needs to be connected with nature or individual environment that you have and not against it.

  6. He there, I realise it's a bit late for your earthship model kit offer. However, please let me know if there's any way to purchase it and how much it would cost to ship it to Ireland. We are very interested. Please let us know.Thank you so much. Svetlana and Daniel

  7. I really love that you use recycled material and save energy while keeping the home at a good temperature. The only big problem is, used tires are really toxic so growing food in them and keeping them near where you live is not healthy in the long run.

  8. Earthships in Pennsylvania?! Who knew? I'm a native of Harrisburg and moved to Schuylkill County almost 3 years ago. So, that's not far from the Lehigh Valley. They really are fascinating. If I were younger I'd love to design and build one. Ironically, my mom was born and raised in Tamaqua.

  9. Wow I live in PA OMG 😱 Who would have thought one is here too. I’m excited I have to see if they Airbnb this one or atlease have trips to visit.

  10. I want to leave some constructive criticism, but more than that, I want to leave. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the down vote!

  11. I really want to build one earthship. My whole family are will to do the work. I am educating myself in all areas of earthship building. I am so excited. If you have any advice I will happily accept it. Thank you

  12. New to your channel and I really like it- thank you, for what you do 😊🤙 I'm wondering about the cinderblock wall with the Earth behind it, is it challenging to make it to where it's not encouraging mold growth? Also, is that a problem with packed tire walls?

  13. Seems like one could weld up an auger bit to pack those tires. Like a downward/outward facing propeller attached to an auger. Ogger ?

  14. won't the tires leaks chemicals in the ground over time? I mean if you had the means couldn't you use something else to make your earth buffer?

  15. I've just discovered you, and I'm so excited! I've only seen this first video, but I can already tell you are going to make this journey of mine so much more attainable than before I discovered you! I wish I could take advantage of your special deal for people watching right now, but the timing is off for me. I will be sharing your page on the group pages I am a part of though. Everyone is looking for ways of learning on them. It's exciting to have a solid resource to reference when different questions come up. I'm excited to watch all the videos in your channel and wait for how they apply to questions…. it gives me "traction" for learning the things I have been researching about. See there…. you are already doing it… .making it easy for me to learn! 😉

  16. My only concern is the strength of these homes. Are they weak structures? They look really nice on the inside but the outside makes them appear frail.

  17. Wow, excellent video. I'm so glad YouTube recommended this to me. I'm looking forward to viewing the other videos you've posted!

  18. Hello! My mother lives not far from you guys in Tamaqua. I am originally from Summit Hill. I would love to visit your site sometime I'm up there, With Covid I haven't been able to get up there. I currently live in Delaware. I love what you are doing. It is fantastic to see stuff that people throw away being reused for a good purpose. Keep up the good work. Whenever I get up to my Mom's I'll stop by.

  19. Question – I appreciate the video and that this is being built in PA. I definitely see the challenge with the moisture/humidly but I'd think that can be over come if designed well. These homes seem to be more common in dryer climates. What are you doing with waste water, specifically black water? Do you have a septic system?

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  21. i wonder if michael knew just how influential his vision would be. ive seen an earthship inspired home work in canada, so its really great to see something on this side of the country work for colder climates! my dream is to have a northern earthship

  22. People keep saying that everyone is leaving the cities, but the cities just keep growing. I think people are believing a lot of garbage without evidence.

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