1. Trooper Sisca wife is pregnant. Now she has to raise that baby alone because that stupid girl decided to drive drunk.

  2. One of of them was only a Trooper for just over a year , I think I watched his graduation on YouTube. That stupid girl was posting on social media that she was the best drunk driver ever. Smh.

  3. They pulled her over for speeding, then let her go to deal with another issue (which happened to be the pedestrian she killed )and she ended up killing them. They probably didn't even know she was drunk.

  4. That’s what happens when your drunk and making fun on Twitter…your life if gone forever. Sadly you took 2 innocent lives…

  5. The troopers pulled over the woman who killed them earlier but let her go in lieu of the guy on the interstate. After making contact with the man walking the troopers began to fight with him. The lady who had been released then drove by the scene & killed them all. NBC PHILADELPHIA news feed before it's taken down.

  6. for all the troopers. That serve the highways in America in the offices that serve the towns and cities in America. God bless you all.

  7. Always happening in the Blue Cities (D) . It's just bad juju being around them .

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