Doug Mastriano Support Rises After Trump Endorsement For Pennsylvania Governor

Support for Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial front-runner Doug Mastriano has surged ahead of the state’s primary after former President Donald Trump endorsed Mastriano in the race. NBC News’ Mark Murray reports.

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  1. Mastriano should just wear his confederate uniform and preach how the South should’ve won! What a traitorous wannabe politician who would stoop so low in order please his white supremacist followers! SMDH!

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  3. Philadelphians need to wake up and give Doug Mastriano a chance.
    If you don’t give a Republican a chance how would you ever know?
    The Democrats have run this City for 65+ years and what have they accomplished?

  4. Debunked theory that the election was stolen from Trump? Seriously? Just stating that it was "debunked" doesn't make it so…you need proof. You know, like the proof we have that it was stolen. Stupid media propagandists.

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