Denzel Washington on Sidney Poitier, High Speed Chases, Cowboys Loss & 91-Year-Old Superfan Surprise

Denzel talks about watching the Cowboys lose and being a fan since he was six years old, coaching his son John David Washington in football, his love of watching high speed chases, directing Michael B. Jordan in A Journal for Jordan, meeting Sidney Poitier, playing Macbeth in “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” and Jimmy surprises Denzel with Juanita “Mother/Mama Hubbard” – a 91-year-old grandmother from Chicago who Denzel met in 2017 and the video of them meeting went viral.

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  1. No one is better at delivering a humorous monologue or at interviewing guests than Jimmy. He maintains the perfect balance.

  2. Hating Denzel Washington is like being against all mankind. He's got a great personality everyone needs. DENZEL THE GOAT

  3. I love Denzel Washington! I think the world could use a lot more people like him. God Bless him! Jimmy Kimmel, always a pleasure to catch parts of your show.

  4. God bless Pastor Washington & his family. But, I thought I was kinda off when I too live watching high speed chase, I see it's others are crazy as I am. Denzel is a Aquarius and so am I, are there anymore of Aquarius who like to watch high speed chase???.

    Thank you Pastor Washington for all your work for mankind. God, bless 💜

  5. Once in a generation man by all avail evidence…class act by any definition…
    Also, not too bad an actor either 😉

  6. Grandma 91 is so cute, funny and amazing.. her subtle clap .. I miss my grandma

  7. I really enjoy this show, Oh God, that lady, she is so adorable, wish her healthy life and many more years to be around.

  8. Look how Dress Denzel Washington is so simple that even me he is rich $ but more rich in soul!

  9. I am so glad to hear that you are a Cowboy fan Mister Washington I love them ever I have a cowboy room

  10. Eloquence and class – he should consider going into politics. “Leadership” in the US of A (term used loosely) particularly in the GOP seems to lack the class of the likes of Barack and Denzel.

  11. I became a Denzel fan when I watched Glory back when I was a teenager, as well as Morgan Freeman

  12. Once a legend said there would be no black panther without Denzel Washington. Much respect for you Sir. One of my favourite.

  13. My cousin lived in his childhood home in Mt. Vernon and he gave her $700 toward a charity. He's an amazing man. My cousin has since passed away.

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