DEER HUNTING Season In Pennsylvania 2020 John's Rifle Season Part 1 WHITETAIL BUCK RUTTING ACTION!

Follow John Royer as he hunts in WMU 2D in clarion county for whitetail deer during the first half of the Pennsylvania rifle season. John sees a nice 8 point buck! Part 2 coming soon!
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  1. I have one more video yet to come from my rifle season this year! Subscribe and ring that bell to be sure you get notified of every video! Help support the channel by liking, sharing with others and commenting! Thanks! John

  2. Joe has lived in gated communities, protected by people with bags of rocks. WRONG, protected by people with guns. Consider this when you hear him talking down to us about owning guns to protect ourselves and our families. He doesn’t have a clue!!!!!

  3. I threw a gut pile/scraps at the bottom of my field with a cell cam to try and bait coyotes and I had more deer come up eating right next to it than anything else. Two giant red tailed hawks ended up tearing the pile up.

  4. Ok. I understand what your saying, why u passed that buck. Bu, ask yourself this, would that old man you hunt with pass on that buck?
    No. Would those friends and family members pass on that buck? No.
    Buddy, your in Penn's Woods!!!
    Smack that deer and hang him on a pole! That old dude will kick your butt for not shooting that buck.

  5. The gut pile doesn't scare the deer, but the coyotes do. So if I can, I bring the deer far from where I'm hunting and gut it. I actually brought two home and gut them, since I got them nearby.

  6. Again, not indicative of PA hunting. In my area of PA, our deer are very skittish and that whispering would have scared every deer in the county. The moving in the blind would have scared every deer away.

  7. Great videos John love em all, quick question for ya do you have those windows tinted or a mirror finish on the outside of the windows? I ask cause you moved around a lot with the camera and those deer looked like they were looking right at ya and never spooked.

  8. I have to respectfully disagree about gut piles. While deer don’t care a bit about gut piles, they do strongly react to the smell of coyotes. We have a lot of coyotes in my area of West Virginia and they are on gut piles normally the same night. As long as coyotes are actively working a gut pile, the deer (at least the ones on my farm) avoid the pile by a couple of hundred feet. As such I always gut deer away from any of my shooting lanes and place them somewhere close to the house where I can set up for coyote sniping without bumping deer out of my hunting area.

  9. Great video….. I had many nights this season that I hade 20+ deer in the field eating. Several legal buck but I feel like you do….. next year they will be awesome buck! Keep your videos coming you do a terrific job.

  10. Great video, that buck had an obvious broadhead shave across his back, and coming out in daylight. I sure hope he makes it through the season for you next year because he seems alittle on the stupid side. Hope you connect on the giant you are looking for John, thanks for sharing.

  11. Love seeing footage like this John awesome hunt. Hope that 8 survived he’ll be easy to spot especially because he had the white on his feet. Think you should target him next year and call him “Socks”.

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