Cultural and Culinary Highlights of Reading Pennsylvania

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I shot this footage on my iPhone 12 Pro

I also used:
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 to stabilize my phone
Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Compact Digital Wireless Microphone

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  1. 6 months later. Show the “ people” of Reading. Not West Reading. It’s North vs South Korea. Glad you have 5 people that buy into your liberal crap, but the city is in trouble and needs attention, not restaurants in West Reading for Karens to take their boy toys. Address the problems, don’t wash over them.

  2. Hey man you completely missed the main city food spots. Real Mexican tacos are on Oley st at a place called Jimenez. You missed the Stokesy's castle, a pretty awesome restaurant nearby the pagoda. It's a castle in the forest with some amazing decor and food. Also same forest there's captains cove. It's like stepping into a tropical resort, it makes you forget you're in Pennsylvania.
    Lastly casa de chimi is the spot for Dominican food.
    I know reading gets a lot of bad rep but honestly it's been improving and people are still saying the same old crime stories from a decade ago.

  3. Only the fist 7:30 apply to Reading, and only 3 places were visited. #1) The Pagoda, alone on top of a hill; #2) a fire station??, and #3) the Goggleworks, which is a one block escape to the bridge and civilization. Im glad this liberal visited our "city", but lets get real. There is nothing but crime and illegal immigration in Reading. A pagoda, fire station, and art studio dont cover 90%+ of the struggles of Reading. The rest of the video, is West Reading and suburbs. Come back and report on DAILY LIFE in Reading. #LetsGoBrandon

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