Cuba protesters in Washington want Prez Biden to intervene | Political unrest | Latest English News

Earlier this month, Cubans gathered for the largest protests the island nation has seen since 1959. The demonstrations have been met with a brutal government crackdown.

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  1. Where are all of the Cuban actors who claim they love their people and their country why are they not there helping these people.

  2. Good night Winnie, allow me to call you out! I believe you are a proud member of BLM! A communist organization ! Cuba awaits you! Or wait China is also a option for you too! Make sure you have your facts right before you write! Ignorant one!

  3. Help wanted! People with money y influence to provide the people of Cuba the equipment to remove a Dictator! Once in for all! Step up!

  4. Lifting the embargo will only benefit the communist regime…..The solution is that US makes sure Cuba stops sending the army agaisnt its own people, and then you will see, they want to be free from this cancer called Comunist. If USA keeps the Cuban army at bay, Cuba will be free in 2 days…..

  5. USA not doing anything is a HUGE let-down. Current Communist regime. Asking Biden to do anything is like waking up the DEAD!

  6. All of them in Mexico are very clean they don't look like refugees they're all part of the Cuban government

  7. Cuban reds was nothing is just like a mosquito to the United States but they need the Cuba if the United States used them to a deceive a big target…

  8. Bless Che Guevara ,Fidel Castro and Putin !
    Bless Russia ,Cuba and Palestine !
    Russia Protects Cuba !

  9. Love it, the young people in college here in the USA LITERALLY can’t understand why they are waving American flags. Great real world lesson on freedom and the pride in our flag that 60% of us will NEVER disrespect

  10. if biden dont act to restorse peace in cuba, Russia, iran and china may be given access to help resolve order, so they can have easy access to USA.

  11. Why can't they go to Cuba and demonstrate there. The remaining people always face the negative consequences of the people who can start trouble and easily escape to a develop nation.
    Cuba needs those economic sanctions drop. China is a developed communist.

  12. Mexico and Russia just sent humanitarian help in spite of the sanctions. I just hope it gets to the right people. Mexico and Russia are the only ones so far that have the balls to step up..

  13. Joe Biden cannot intervene in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
    How can he intervene in Cuba?
    Forget it.
    Joe Biden is sleeping in his bed.
    He cannot intervene.

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