1. All the other names were trademarked by someone else. They heard about WFT having to changed their names from The R3d$kins to WFT. All those names which were a lot I hate the name also but that's my team and we will beat the Crackboyz this upcoming season LoL.

  2. They Literally already had a name that was related to the teams history, you had the Red Hogs gift wrapped in your lap, and you decide to dump it in the corner and piss on it.
    Also ye i really liked Red Wolves and Red tails, i just thought the hogs was the most fitting due to the hogs in the 80s

  3. Yeah because Cowboys is a really good name right? 😂
    Boy is the key word…at least the Commanders are named after an adult.
    Besides, the only worse owner in the league is in Dallas ! 😂

  4. The name sucks, the championship years are off, the uniforms are bland and color scheme looks like Atlanta or the Cardinals. Two years to screw this up and looks like Danny Boy employed a walk-on designer who should be cut.

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