Chronicles of Elyria – Judge Orders Arbitration & Case Moved to Washington

Seems like the kickstarter to court case of backers versus Soulbound Studios(Chronicles of Elyria/Kingdoms of Elyria developers) and Xsolla has finally seen some movement. Links below for documents and videos/playlists for full context of the story so far.

You can read the summary yourself here:

If you’re behind on the lore, check out these videos and playlists below.
Watch this for a full run down:

Also here is a chronicles of elyria playlist with all my videos from start to now. Enjoy!

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  1. Again Kingdoms of Elyria and Chronicles of Elyria are two different types of games! Games which we all never knew about or agreed to! Jeremey and xsolla are both punks! I've not clicked on anything Kira I never intended to just want back my money and I listened to your warning!

  2. Does this game have a fantasy setting or is it East Texas? Why do the characters look like they wandered onto a golf course? I'm so confused.

  3. if you put money towards a kickstarter game you deserve to lose it . i hope they keep that 4.8million that money is better off in there hands than yours.

  4. The judge has probably already had his brown envelope under the table. These scummy companies rarely – if ever – end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

  5. I hate to see scam artists getting away with things and I hope the lawsuit is a success, but on the other hand sorry to be harsh but the courts are probably thinking if you're dumb enough to use kickstarter, believe people making promises that are clearly absurd, and hand over your money for a product that doesn't exist, then that's a gamble you took and have to live with the consequences.

    I might be wrong, hopefully this will be the first in a long line of retarded kickstarter campaigns, and make scammers think twice about what they're doing in future.

  6. I'm freaking out how the character with the torch just put the torch in that NPCs face and there's absolutely no reaction like… "Hey, don't put fire in my face."… or "Augh!!! That hurts!"

  7. Another example of why no one should ever pay to kickstart or fund a crowdfunded game. The devs are almost never capable of making the game what they envision and the game always goes belly up when the funding dries up, or you get Star citizen that is still in alpha despite being several years past its release date and has burned through hundreds of millions with almost nothing to show for it.

  8. Never back an MMO on kickstarter. Games in that genre need far more money to make happen that would be remotely possible from crowdfunding. Think of it this way, the average budget for an MMO is about 200 million. Expecting a dev with a completely blank track record to do that with only 1 million. It just sounds very sketchy.

  9. If the defenders asked for the venue change from California to Washington than one must assume their defense team thinks Washington is a better venue for them than California. So as long as their defense team is competent I'm inclined to think this is a bad move for the plaintiffs. Similarly arbitration, while standard practice and obviously rejectable, can still have an impact on the case itself if arbitration failed as anything discussed in arbitration can come up in court so it's another way for the defenders to sneak in various things to aid in their defense later, again if their defense team is competent which we have no reason to assume otherwise.

  10. The most exciting thing to come out of YouTube since avenger comes to an end it's like a new series of action movie that slowly get put together till it reach its climax 😂
    I did not pay for anything or help kick start the game but I am excited to see the development team or the person who stole the money and try to run away with it pay for his stpdty with interest 😂 I wonder how will this all end 😈 will he go to jail or will he run n hide or will he find some way to snake his way out of it by telling people sign this beta game we made and be happy now we can all move on with our life 😂 play an incomplete game n u cant file a class action law suit since u signed an agreement to and your happy with this broken game😹 now I can pocket all this moeny law suit free.
    So exciting I cant wait to see the end result.

  11. May I just say : you make it sound as if 4 years is a long time for a game to be developed. It takes some AAA games 7 to 10 years to be developed, Anthem for example took 7 years roughly, and that is with a big studio and a game which came out not even finished. Kingdom Come deliverance… 8 to 9 years… You shouldn't be surprised a game has very little to show after only 4 years for a game that had the scope of CoE.

  12. 5:40
    To add to what KiraTV was saying about Xsolla … I used to play Life Is Feudal MMO, and the developer (BitBox, from Russia) had a disagreement with Xsolla.
    It was told to us gamers that Xsolla wanted one thing, but the BitBox developers wanted another thing … so BitBox decided to shut-down Life Is Feudal MMO, and that is why the MMO servers closed (separate from LIF:YO which is not connected to Xsolla).

  13. Is it me or is that scene of the sword fight just a 3D rendering of the scene in the Princess Bride where Inigo and Westley fight?

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  15. I think the terms about arbitration is from xsolla though, not downloading the alpha. But yeah, if you live in the US you should be aware of stuff like that before you agree to it. In most of Europe you can safely ignore pretty much all of them.

  16. I would look up the terms of service to see who actually pays for the arbitration. if its 100% the company then you know the arbitrator will go in favor of the developer.
    If that is the case the best way to handle it is every single individual sue individually trough arbitration, that way if we dont win we at least make sure they go broke and cant steal any more money.
    I remember hearing something about this happening to Amazon that they eventually started allowing people to sue them trough regular means, because arbitration was becoming too expensive for them.

  17. I've kickstarted one game in my life. Will never do it again. If a game can't gain traction from investors and be backed up by them until the end, the game wasn't meant to be. There are plenty of other games that I can play. My Steam library is full of them.

  18. But all those people that paid for the game and accepted the terms that didn't include an arbitration provision and never accepted the amended eula should still be able to sue, no?

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