Centralia Pennsylvania 2021 – The FINAL TOUR / Hosted By Adam Tereska

Let’s take one Final Tour of Centralia Pennsylvania with Adam Tereska.
In this video, you’ll get to see the final tour of Centralia that was given by Adam T, friend and go to individual when it comes to the town. Several of us came out to show him support and to remember how much he has taught all of us about this incredible and historic place. Since I’ve filmed his tours before, I did a highlights tour this time, but shockingly enough, we discovered some new items on our exploration of the town. So sit back, relax and come along for Adam’s Final Tour of Centralia. Enjoy

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  1. I heard you did a meet up there and that’s why they covered the highway now because of disrespectful aholes

  2. I'm surprised at how green things are around there. I was there in 2010 and as I remember it everything tree related was leafless ghostly grey dead sticks. Perhaps my memory is wrong but I don't recall this much green.

  3. Great video. Would love to see you do some snorkeling footage. Be great to see what's down there. Be careful! Keep rolling!

  4. I have found aerial photos of the town, one from 1959 and the other from 1971. Concerning the pond at the end of the video, in the '59 photo, there was a small rail yard down the hill. However, it looks to have been removed by the '71 photo. That could explain the rails discovered in the area. BTW, I have been fascinated with the story/history of the town. I have never been there but would like to sometime before it is all erased away.

  5. I always wanted to go on one of his tours and completely missed his last one (missed the notification of it happening). I'm glad I could at least see some of it through you.

  6. Love Centralia. Great video! I discovered the story back in 2016 and illustrated/wrote a horror graphic novel on Centralia using all the locations and things I found in people's video visits there called The Last Centralian.

  7. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. It was a cloudy day and there was steam coming from three areas off of Big Mine Run road. Excellent video 🙂

  8. I think I heard him say the fire took out the only gas station in town . I'm from Centralia, we had three gas stations in town .

  9. hi JP i really Wish Adam treska all d best n Texas life involves changes n family friends move on or out but missed by tbe leftbehinders gt guy n ur videos am tired brian humidity high every day

  10. Glad you were there in support of Adam's final tour. Loved the ending & music. Kind of sad, however sweet as I know Adam will be happy near his family. Hoping you guys can meet up down in Texas for some explores. 🥰

  11. Love seeing that Olympia sports shirt! Ran multiple stores for them for 5 years. Shame they went under

  12. Thanks JP for the new find. I didn't know there was any water near centralia. All the best to you in Texas Adam T.😊☮

  13. Another excellent job with the video.
    Back in the '80s mid to late '80s when we would go to Knoebels Grove my dad would go through Centralia. We didn't have to it was kinda out of the way. We were coming from Lebanon county. but it was history in the making. And I remember the smoke coming out of the storm drains and the manhole covers and I asked my dad what that was he was an ordained minister and he said it was the devil. Obviously he was joking and my grandfather in the back of the car laughed hysterically. It's a memory that I'll never forget and it was probably like mother's Day or Father's Day and that's why we were going up through that way to go to the park.
    As the years went on and the year 2000s approached and I was in my twenties I forgot about the sleepy town that was burning underneath. And then I became addicted to a video game franchise called silent hill. And then they decided to make a movie and they kind of intertwined silent Hill story with Centralia because in the movie The reason the town was the way it was cuz of a coal fire that was accidentally started because of a ritual sacrifice that went wrong. Do you want to know more about the movie and the game check it out it's on youtube.

    Looking forward to more videos.

  14. Yes Please Return to this lake buddy this would be awesome.. Thanks for sharing this jp it was fun watching the tour with you guys.

  15. I read online that they planet 250 apple trees back in April and this fall they are going to release Monarch butterflies in Centralia

  16. While you were there in centrali did you see any wildlife there …like deer …thank Adam for all your video.

  17. Great video JP! Glad you and the group got to give Adam a proper “send off”! I’m sad for you though, sucks when friends move away, it stinks at any age. ❤️

  18. Great video! Always so sad to see what happened there. It's good to keep the memories alive. Thank you Adam and best wishes on your new journey. Saw where they planted a lot of apple trees around Centralia this past spring.

  19. Great video, super farewell to Adam, before he heads for Texas and new adventures.
    Drone and montage were marvelous.

  20. interesting video , is Centralia still burning ? wonder if it could be rebuilt if the fire is out ?…also i have always heard that if there are fresh water clams in any body of water the water is very clean as clams will not live in even in the slightest polluted water thanks for the video

  21. Another great exploration and adventure from you, my friend. What i like from your video that when you used a drone. Amazing view that was. Also i like the music that you put in it. I like it. Supporting the video. May i know the music you used when using a drone and at the end? Becouse i like it. Some kind like action music for me. 😊

  22. Abandoned towns always make me sad. I've revisited several videos of Centralia, by JP and one by Dan Bell and seeing the inside of the last standing structure (the Mayor's house?) was particularly sad because of the baby/toddler things still present… Imagine all the birthdays, weddings, holidays—and just life that went on before those "IIC's (Idiots In Charge)" decided to set fire to the town dump. Small Town America is becoming scarce.

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