1. Could the occupants of such graves have been so feared or despised, by their peers, that these cages were placed, to protect the graves and stones from wilful vandalism?

  2. There was a BIG controversy and news in England in the 1800s about grave robbers to supply cadavers to medical schools. Some of these fears may have come to the states and people decided to be safe. People were more afraid of dissection after death than a death sentence. (Criminals in England were also “sentenced” to have their bodies dissected for science.)

  3. There used to be one up around Adam's County…I think, that had tombstones of people that had the same names as the characters in Dark shadows. I think they had to move barnabuses grave.

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  6. I don't think they are meant for decoration, though they look nice. People don't do it as much anymore but when I was a kid in the '50s & '60s, my Mom would pile us in the car with shovels, buckets, hand diggers for at least two trips to the cemetery per summer. Weed pulling, planting new flowers & clean the gravestones. Other families did the same thing. I think those cages were to prevent grave robbers for real or in the minds of family members.

  7. I think its odd that people think ypur stealing THEIR ideas when all of nature belongs to EVERYONE. Peole always overlaping each other and history. And cultures. .now if you took their video and used astheirs. And dictated their commentary and said it was yours. In the credits. That's wrong but your so honest. And knowledgeable. And love history. People can learn from you. Actually .

  8. Could be a Mortsafe. It’s a cage families would put on loved ones grave to prevent grave robbers. Graves would be vandalized to remove the bodies for medical purposes. Cutting into a body was taboo back then.

  9. It is to deter grave robbers.. calling this vampire cages you should be ashamed.. they buried a young daughter and didn't want her body Disturbed stop being a morbid a****

  10. Just found your channel…we are from Chester County and Lancaster area of PA. Plan on hiking in French Creek to visit the site of the old water park!

  11. Cages were decretive. Glad they were few. Think of a crowded cemetery and these are on most. Your loved one is buried in the middle or so. You could not walk to it without climbing over some or most for that fact. Or bury someone either. Drag the coffin over the cages to get to burial site? Vampires, heck if vampire can get through 6 feet of dirt, cage is not stopping them unless covered with crosses but then why not just put a cross on the grave? Grave robbers? Digging six feet of dirt don't stop them that cage ain't. Out where there are wolves and such a pile of stones/rocks kept them at bay so same here if that were the case.

  12. Well I did some quick research and it appears unanomously to be to protect the grave from robbers. They were designed to be a deterrent against body snatchers, otherwise known as resurrection men who targeted graveyards during the first half of the nineteenth century and stole fresh corpses from their graves, selling them to the local anatomy schools who dissected them in anatomy lectures

  13. They're a type of mortsafe. Their purpose was to prevent grave diggers that would steal the corpse and sell it to doctors/hospitals for anatomy lessons in the 1800s.
    The fact that you muricans jump straight to a supernatural explanation rather than a logical one says volumes about your educational system.

  14. I think this ultimately this was an upsell from a mortuary. They probably used all kinds of reasons to upsell the family on preserving their dear departed. Make it look nice, wolves, grave robbers, vampires, anything to upsell an ornate cage. It certainly makes that plot stand out from the others and i would imagine it would keep vandalism of the gravestone down, although it's hard to keep the weeds out.

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