Buck Down! Bowhunting Pennsylvania Whitetails

We’re heading out east to Pennsylvania and joining Scott Sanderson on a hunt for a mature PA buck.

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  1. Justin, I don't know how you make it, cause you seem to be lazy as hell, a hard day's work would kill you, you sleep way too much!!

  2. When posing the "ethical" question, you cant forgot other environmental factors that will play in a part to the deers reaction time, is it windy or calm, are you near a road where there can be traffic noise, etc…Im with Todd as 30 is my limit but now as I get older Im looking at even bringing that down to 25 next season…

  3. I'm an avid bow hunter and hunt many different states. I don't shoot nothing less then 4 1/2 years old and I'm a true believer in scent control. I shower with descent soap, wash my clothes in descent soap and dry my clothes with fresh earth dryer sheets, spray all my stuff down before I go in the woods but honestly Idk how you can hunt with another person or take ALL that camera gear with you in the woods. That's WAY too much scent and I don't hunt the wind. I just hunt. But truthfully I do love watching y'alls videos.

  4. Love the camera β€œbump” with the bow and the deer was still in the frame. True professional.

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