Brooklyn Nets vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Season

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  2. The thing that’s so great about this Brooklyn team is every man on the roster is always ready to step up. Once their full roster is back by the playoffs there will be scary hours for whoever they face.

  3. The Nets are actually losing on purpose. They‘re trying to finish a worse seed so they can play more away games in the playoffs because of kyrie. Big brain 10-game losing streak👏🏻👏🏻

  4. 小庫里跟那個中鋒我覺得挺好,應該適合籃網,就是西蒙就是個廢人。

  5. 這藍網什麼問題都搞不清楚,就交易了哈登,失敗。其實我個人覺得,球員沒什麼問題,問題在籃網的主教練。西蒙除了比哈登年輕,還有什麼優勢。廢人一個

  6. Kyrie is the worst superstar player other then Westbrock EVER ! Cant carry a team and always destroy teams.. Cleveland wasnt good enough for him. Boston wasnt good enough for him and now he has destroyed Brooklyn. He is one of the biggest L's EVER

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