1. Washington RHINOS would have been a hit for so many reasons.
    #1. Most Football players are built like Rhinos.
    #2. In US politics, Rinos are officials elected as members of the Republican Party whose positions are deemed aligned with the Democratic Party.
    #3. Rhinos have a reputation for being extremely aggressive, and charges readily at perceived threats
    #4. Rhinos sounds close to Redskins
    #5. The logo would look vicious
    #6. Commanders just sucks

  2. Good luck getting a free agent to come to that team…they're gonna be nicknamed the Commies with those colors. Should have called themselves the Washington CCP 🙄

  3. Time and especially winning helps a new name settle in. For example, for Los Angeles the names Lakers and Dodgers don’t really make sense. But lots of both time and winning made those classic names. As for the Washington Nationals aka the Nats, that’s not really a powerful name at all either. But they won a World Series and they have a history now. Commanders truly and strongly relates to D.C. and Maryland and Virginia. From General Washington, to all branches of the military, to the Commander-in-Chief. Winning will make any team name strong—even plain ones like the Browns or Packers that sound good now because of years of tradition and people growing up with them. Also, think about it: a Commander makes a name like a Cardinal (a small red seed-eating bird) sound like a weakling…

    Dallas brands itself as America’s Team. Washington can now be called the Military’s Team…

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