1. I have a pistol legally and honestly I hope the law gets passed criminals are gonna get guns regardless but they'll think twice on robbing people if that elderly women or person they see as easy to target can shoot back

  2. This bill will curtail violence against victims. Gun violence is the result of illegal gun carriers. Most people do not have the time to take off to dick around filing for a CCW permit. At the end of the day if you commit a crime you must face consequences. Pass this bill and give people back their freedoms to quell violent crimes imposed on them. Ray Ray runs up on law abiding citizens minding their own business, strike back with that HEAT🔥

  3. I just got my CCW in Philadelphia and from application submission to physical permit was 9/17-10/22 and I’m pretty sure it was free………meanwhile I’m on day like 145 for a suppressor from the fucking ATF

  4. Just to stimulate some thought here. Pennsylvanians can already legally open carry by default, which has been known to cause more upheaval and distraction than if the gun was just hidden in the first place.

  5. “How could you tell who can legally carry and who can’t”. Same way you do now, duh. Having a gun isn’t a crime and it’s reason to detain etc. Terrible biased cop.

  6. Yes everyone in the streets needs a gun. Everyone needs to be able to conceal criminals don’t abide by the law so that would make it unfair game for people who has to wait months for their permit to come into the mail. Everyone should have the right to protect they family and criminals should know that mfs is allowed to conceal with a permit they gon learn not to play with others safety when everyone can play with yours. Don’t nobody wanna die but permits lessened the rate of dying by a law abiding citizen cuz most likely they didn’t have or take the time to go through the process of getting a CCW

  7. Bro f this bill stop being cheap and go get your permit it’s only 25$ if you got a record shit I wouldn’t give you a gun my self , not my fault you can’t be trusted ole jail bird

  8. Article I, section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

  9. Yes let’s make it increasingly difficult for the average law abiding citizen to carry a legal gun while all those shitheads hanging at the end of the block sell and trade weapons like they’re candy

  10. How would carrying a gun without a concealed weapons permit help end gun violence and mayhem. It used to be that only certain people could have a canceled weapon on their person. Like people that made large deposits at the bank. Private Investigators. Bounty hunters. People that could prove they needed a canceled weapon like in a statistically bad part of town. Because an extra responsibility went along with the concealed weapon, not just everyone can have one.

  11. Call your elected officials and demand it. Cease Fire group can fuck off. As a former lawman, I fully support this bill. The Sheriff in Philadelphia needs to check herself.

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