1. Hey look a fucking idiot. Pedophile. Traitor. Of all the presidents who have been shot at…. Ughhhh. Where the fuck is Oswald?

  2. Ok can his Handlers Adjust the Teleprompter For sleepy Joe he's having a hard time reading it and please get more people in to clap this is so embarrassing Brandon

  3. I wonder if Joke Hiden could find Pennsylvania, Illinois or Ohio on a US map?? He is out to lunch! Let's go Brandon!!!😂

  4. The two states Joey is in are: #1.Confusion— #2.Denial Won’t be be be long before he has America 🇺🇸 in the state of Emergency! God, help us, please!

  5. Good God! Just in case anyone wonders why you don't see this on the news when you turn the TV on in the morning……it makes me wonder, if we can see what a deteriorating old man he is, then they all obviously do. Absolutely mind blowing that his administration actually pretend nothing is wrong with him and have audacity to say he is sharp. If he was then they wouldn't have to point that out. What a disgrace!!!

  6. Bone head biden America's mentally impaired so called leader of the free world…this is what you get in a rigged system….

  7. I would love to administer to him one of those USA map tests where you need to name the states and see if he could write the names on top of the states. "You know the thing." How about state capitals to make it even more fun!

  8. Only in the USA …
    anywhere in the world there would be a revolt the moment the leaser of a country would do this on television…Russia, China… everywhere…
    why is the USA accepting this is what the world is asking…

  9. What is up with all this 'name dropping'? If you see something like that name on a ballot, you have to dismiss it, not enough ums and ahs in it

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