Best Backpacking Trips In Pennsylvania

Trail name(GPS for Parking **Search this on google maps**)
10 Minister Creek (41.620592, -79.153625)

9 Raccoon Creek (40.506311, -80.378780)

8 John P Sayler/Bog and Bolder (40.216611, -78.762037 (GPS won’t pick it up right) Look around near here for park entrance)

7 Old Loggers Path (41.507209, -76.820814)

6 West Rim
Pine Creek Outfitters Parking Lot 41.746952, -77.444400
Start of trail: 41.540639, -77.405282 N
End of trail: 41.741622, -77.432053 S
Shuttle Services and Maps:

5 Oil Creek ()
Maps: At Park office and

4 Black Forest (41.525296, -77.598465)

3 Laurel Highlands (40.4083049,-79.0060475)
There are some shuttles services in the area but are very expensive. Bring a friend.

2 Quehanna (41.193463, -78.506723)
At Park Office!

1 Susuquahannock Trail System (41.482119, -77.818587)

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  1. I live in Pennsylvania and I know this might seem weird I would love to have your email or number I can reach you at to get some valuable information leaving to walk the Appalachian Trail in 2 weeks southbound

  2. Erie, PA here. Great trails & suggestions! A buddy & I did a day-hike at Minister Creek a couple years ago & it was awesome! We’ve got to go back for a couple days & camp along the way. Last Oct we stayed at Tracey Ridge & hiked a section of the North Country Trail. That was beautiful, too! That late in the year, we were racing the setting sun to get back to camp. I’d like to go back & camp along the way on that one, too.

  3. Did the Bucktail Path earlier this year. I've done most of the trails on this list and I'd throw the BP high on here! It's probably tough to do after mid-summer cuz of all the nettle. But it's fantastic! Definitely do it if you get the chance!

  4. A great beginning overnight or multi night trail system is bear run. Just outside ohiopyle by fallingwater. We take many new scouts there. There is a larger loop for the older scouts and smaller intersecting trails throughout to make small loops for the younger scouts and everyone can meet at a site for the evening.

  5. Nice video man! I just found this channel, and will definitely be subscribing. It looks like you really do have some epic outdoor adventures. Maybe we can meet up and go backpacking in PA if I ever make it up that way.

  6. The north country scenic trail in the national forest is well worth the time if you have it. Or great to section hike. Have done all of pa and most of New York doing sections.

  7. This is so cool Frozen. I've done the lhht and some of Oil and Minister Creeks. Can't wait to do more of these. I was surprised you didn't include Hickory Creek Wilderness have you ever backpacked there?

  8. Laurel highlands is a great trail. If you just want to day hike this is a great for that also. I find the trail interesting and I really like the middle part of the trail.

  9. Minister Creek is great for the reasonably fit, I took my daughter on her first trip there after your advice :). My wife has some limitations though, I took her to Fred Woods this weekend; wow! what a great return for a reasonably level short distance trail.

  10. Great video brother, Im just starting to get into hiking and i live bout 20 minutes from Raccoon in Beaver county. Thanks again for a great video. You gave me a lot to do.

  11. Thanks for the list! Grew up in PA and started my backpacking career on the Black Forest and Loyalsock Trails. Wish I knew about all these others back in the 70s!

  12. Nice list! BFT is definitely the toughest in PA, but there are many great trails. I think you hit on all the ones I would have said myself like Oil Creek or Laurel Highlands. Those are always trails to keep going back to.

  13. I've hiked 10, 9 and (parts of) 3… I live in Beaver county so I am always @ Raccoon Creek State Park and I even worked there as a teenager! We are so very lucky. Pennsylvania may not have it all but it does have so much natural beauty and 4 seasons to boot! The other thing that is nice about (Southwestern) Pa is that we are so close to several other awesome parks/places both in and out of Pennsylvania.

    Anyhow, thanks for the great videos Jason… When I can't get out it is so nice to put on one of your videos and even though I'm not there out on the trail I still get a little peace of mind just from watching.

    See you on the trail!


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