1. Do you know there was also a team named the "All Whites"? And do you know they will probably have to drop that name? Not "inclusive" you see.
    'All Blacks' though? It's all good evidently. Because it's 'inclusive"? Of course not. 'All Black" is ok because the Left hates White people. And New Zealand has fallen to the hard Left like nearly every other Western nation. I fact "All Black" is what the goal of the West's Leftists is.

  2. I’ve seen a few videos of the all blacks squatting without hitting depth. I wonder if it’s a specificity thing they do intentionally or if some guys just dont have great form. Guess your squat doesnt need to be perfect if you still end up squatting heaps and are outrageously good at rugby

  3. Love the 35 pound weights, which the same diameter as the 45s. Makes you look like your lifting more. Not knocking. Just an observation. Nice lifting. Put on a show this weekend. Not sure I'll be able to watch game, because foxtel in aus doesn't cover rugby these days.

  4. The All Blacks keep losing the physical battle to teams like South Africa and England. Something needs to be done to remedy this. Why was Ardie the only All Black who could carry the ball over the advantage line in their last couple games?

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