All Big Waterslides at Kalahari Resort Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania (2017 Edition)

In this video, we show you around the waterpark of Kalahari Resort Pocono Mountains in Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania. This HUGE indoor water park is home to a large number of great ProSlide rides for the entire family. We show you a GoPro POV of all large slides there – including the brand-new Phase II expansion with the trapdoor slide, mat racer water slide and many more!

Slides included in this video:
00:15 Victoria Falls / MAMMOTH
00:56 Anaconda / RocketBLAST
01:31 Zig Zag Zebra / PIPEline
01:54 Tanzanian Twister / Pro Bowl
02:18 Barrelling Baboon / Tantrum Alley
03:15 Screaming Hyena / FreeFall
03:24 Sahara Sidewinder / SuperLOOP
03:38 Elephant’s Trunk / PIPEline
04:06 Rippling Rhino / PIPEline
04:33 The Smoke That Thunders / TORNADO
05:09 Kenya Korkscrew / PIPEline
05:43 Cheetah Racers / OctopusRACER
06:04 Kids’ Slides
06:46 Wild Wildebeest / TornadoWAVE
07:17 Zimbabwe Zipper / TurboTWISTER
07:34 Kids’ Slides

In diesem Video nehmen wir euch mit in den Wasserpark des Kalahari Resorts Pocono Mountains in Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania, USA. Dieser riesige Wasserpark wurde erst kürzlich erweitert und bietet eine unfassbare Anzahl an genialen Rutschen für alle Altersklassen. Wir zeigen euch GoPro-Aufnahmen von allen großen Proslide-Rutschen – auch von der erst frisch eröffneten “Phase II” mit unter anderem einem SuperLoop mit Falltür, einer Mattenrutsche und vielem mehr!



  1. I am in Kalahari right now, I came here for two days. Yesterday me and my friend got stuck in Victoria falls. It kept getting stuck and I had to keep moving to get it unstuck.

  2. i’ve been there two times! i’m going again tommorow and i’m so excited. two of my favorites are victoria falls and the anaconda

  3. I never been there but one time I want to go with my girlfriend and try to do all the rides

    How were you able to have a camera/GoPro w you? I want to bring mine tmrw but on the website it says you cant use them…

  5. when i went to kalahari in 2018, the water slide “the smoke that thunders” was closed down because it was getting upgrades and they were sick a couple days later when the finished touch was added. they added extra water misters in the middle of the ride

  6. 6:52 LOL i didn't know for a second that the guy in the song was doing the screaming thing, i thought it was them lol!

  7. I would love to know the name of the song in this video!

    Update: it's Don't Know by Final Thought

  8. TUBERIDES. I was wondering how good your experience here was. I saw a review from a guy named Canobie Coaster who said his visit was a disappointment because the operations weren't the best and a lot of the slides closed early (which was unfortunate for him as he had an evening pass). Did you encounter any similar problems while there?

  9. I went on rippling rhino as a kid and I was scared for HECK but my sis told me I would get 900/500 robux so i went on it two times, I also went in the wave pool

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