After serving 68 years in Pennsylvania prison, Joe Ligon returns to modern world he barely knows

Pennsylvania has put more juveniles behind bars for life than anywhere else in the country. And, of those people, Joe Ligon has the tragic distinction of being the oldest and longest–serving juvenile lifer in the country. He was recently released from a Pennsylvania prison after 68 years. “CBS This Morning: Saturday” co-host Michelle Miller spoke with Ligon in his first U.S. television interview since his release.

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  1. One upon a time we used to believe criminals could be reformed. Post Civil Rights, the prison population has exploded 8X's. With more minority bodies being "warehoused" in concrete cells. Then the media machine and politicians went to work, saying these are "hardened Criminals" and incapable of reforming.

    Here is an example to the contrary.

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  3. There are lot of things. We don't know about America. Particular U.S. court justice system. Look. Did they make enough investigation while they arrested this man in 1953. he lost his future . I don't think. He has family now. The way. Older he is.

    This was life sentence. He is not only him. I saw other black man was wrongly accused and arrested later. They release him. The crime he didn't commit. There in U.S. justice court system. It seems. The colour of the skin is your judgement in your case.

  4. This is not a victory. He should be outraged! They locked up a 15yr old BLACK boy for 68 yrs over a crime he may not had committed. Today's justice system should pay him 1million dollars for what the Jim Crow system did to him.

  5. the only reason he stayed that long in prison is because he was incarcerated in the USA, where private prisons get more funds if they are full. A foul rehabilitation system the USA has. If you are destitute in America you have no chance, which leads to a laxity of principles in pursuing financial gain.

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