1. Atleast with the old name it felt cooler to be a fan, but thanks to cancel culture now we’re a bad football team with no identity. I hope us redskins get a revolution one day.

  2. Ok I just subscribed because I saw some of your videos these past couple of months. And I'm really really enjoying it lol. Also can someone point to me where Wildflower first appears

  3. I really enjoy Tom grossy's videos of parodies of football teams fans and even though I'm a 49er fan this Washington fan parody and also the raiders parody of being like a pirate has to be the best parodies that Tom does….

  4. That's a 49er fan but also a football fan I actually feel really bad for the fans of Washington…. They had to see horrible football on the field horrible mismanagement outside of the field.. I still do not understand why they even had to change the name to the Washington Redskins to Washington football team now the Washington commanders?? Growing up I always thought that the Washington Redskins their nickname or badass indian warriors Apaches who protect their land from the colonists and other tribes as well and that we honor the native Americans…. Just because a handful of stupid ass people who probably not even native Americans anyways sister and gets offended and say it's racist because they're called the Redskins.

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