6 True Scary PENNSYLVANIA Horror Stories

6 True Scary PENNSYLVANIA Horror Stories includes terrifying tales from the Keystone State…


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DISCLAIMER: All stories within this video are provided with explicit permission from their respective authors. Thank you to all who participated in today’s video!

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  1. Here in the Uk and just had to leave a comment after hearing the words of your super fan oh wow the cheeky cow! Sounds like a spoilt little brat and she should be deeply ashamed of herself sending shite like that to you. Would not have given her the air time

  2. I usually fall asleep while listening to your soothing narrations. But that last story kept me awake for like an hour before finding my chance to nap..

  3. Man, even if that last story is a troll, you gotta be pretty unhinged to send someone a message like that. Maybe you should report it to the police just to have a paper trail from the start in case this person continues to harass and threaten you. Stay safe Joel, your real fans love and appreciate everything you do.

  4. So his name is Joel, and he lives in Pennsylvania… the only logical assumption is that this is what Joel Embid does in his spare time

  5. That troll is disgusting. Nobody owes anyone ANYTHING.
    People are just so used to everyone putting every bit of private info out into the internet that they get upset and act like it's a right to know all these things about total strangers. That person is yandere psycho and please stay safe.

  6. If you see something about to go down, don’t go to the doggone bathroom like a muppet! Someone starts shooting and your boyfriend could have gotten hurt while you’re sitting on the toilet. And then they don’t even talk to the police about it. Just selfish and cowardly, respectively. Then wanting sympathy because it’s their birthday. Who cares? SMH 🤦

  7. I know I’m behind from when this video was posted it’s because I got a rid of YouTube premium for a little bit I’m caching up now from all your stories and I just want to say that I’m from PA as well I’m in Juniata County

  8. I know I’m behind from when this video was posted it’s because I got a rid of YouTube premium for a little bit I’m caching up now from all your stories and I just want to say that I’m from PA as well in Juniata County

  9. Jesus, someone’s been reading too much yandere fan fiction. I know I’m late and repeating everything already said here, but we love you man, and hope for the best. Your actual fans like us don’t give a rat’s ass about you doing a face reveal, and will be fine hearing your narrations.

  10. well this is a good video to stumble upon as a person from PA

    edit: just noticed the Gritty in the name…thanks for the reminder lmao

  11. damn bro. i really hope that you are good after hearing that last story. love your content and been listening passively for about 6 years but never ever heard you tell a story about you.

  12. You’re allowed to keep your identity a secret. I mean if I was you I wouldn’t want fans running up to me constantly, I would like to have a private life outside my YouTube life. But you should definitely take her seriously but I don’t doubt you can protect yourself

  13. Wow you may really want to take that last story seriously lets hope nothing bad ever comes from it but chills went through me when you read that!!!! Sorry that you got an email such as that I would like to think most of your fans arent like that I always enjoy listening to you 😊

  14. Thank You for reading these stories they get me through the hard times and to sleep at night truly appreciate it 😊

  15. Thats awful that those people got shot in the bar and that you were there especially on your Birthday sorry

  16. That last story was crazy… So sorry there are creeps out there for you. 😣 Stay safe! 😱

  17. She sounds like an entitled, spoiled little brat,, with narcissistic tendencies, with delusions of grandeur & can't deal with the rejection of the word NO..

    I listen to you & a couple others every night to combat my insomnia, I am so grateful for you & all the other narrators I listen to on here, you would be amazed at how much you help people's lives!!
    But that being said you don't owe us or anyone your friendship, time, nor details of your personal life, especially your identity & a face reveal!!
    In my opinion, people that push, insist & take it to crazy town level are not real fans & would never be true friends!! They would forever be leaking more & more info about you to make themselves look important..

    That chick sounds like the Grand Poohbah of all the crazy people!!😬😳
    Thank you J, stay safe & anonymous!!🙃😉

  18. I usually don’t comment or anything but man it takes a person to have nothing in their life to send u this type of stuff hope ur staying safe man. Much love n thanks for the content!

  19. I remember story 2 was in the news a few months ago. I live 15min away and hearing the details is chilling considering how close i am. Incidents like that really can happen anywhere

  20. Joel, Idk if you own one or not but with things like that being sent to you, get yourself a firearm and if you don't know how/ learn how to use it. We have the 2nd amendment here to protect ourselves from bad people who may try to hurt us

  21. First for the first story girl I did the right thing I'm glad u got out ok I pray ur soul heals

  22. Hey, I've been super curious about what you look like for a long time, just out of sheer curiosity. But after hearing about the kind of mails you receive, I don't want you to ever do one. I love your content, you do an amazing job and besides, you also happen to have an amazing voice to go with what you do, and I think I speak for a lot of us listeners when I say that we don't want you to quit Youtube anytime soon. Take care and stay safe, man. And please don't ever do a face reveal.

  23. First story was down the street from where I grew up. Ralph’s is a fun spot if you ain’t from Philly 😭

  24. is it weird that im jealous? dont know why but crazy women are kinda intresting to me 😂.
    i hope you could make more videos about unhinged woman because most of the time people put horrible violence on men so to me its like special event hearing about those crazy yandere chicks 😇

  25. I know this one Horror Story from PA, his name was Dennis and he the biggest undercover fuckboi i ever seen

  26. I must have fallen asleep before the end I’m just hearing the last story – makes my &$@kn skin crawl!

  27. I'm working on a true crime podcast covering cases in PA, since that's where I'm from and currently live… and that last story… That's my legit biggest fear! Stay safe, Joel!! Please consider taking legal action, this is so scary and outwardly threatening!

  28. Hey I just want to say there are fans out there who will literally defend your life if this crazy bitch comes after you.

  29. <– also from PA here. that last story is just.. wow. what a crazy bitch. sorry you have to deal with things like this. absurd is an understatement!

  30. Thank for all that u do. Haven't been able to listen as much as I used to so im behind but I got to listen a lot the last 2 days while I get some deep cleaning done. After hearing that last story please take care of urself 🙏❤ we all appreciate everything u do. I know u said not to worry but I'm concerned…so sorry u have to deal w that. I rly hope she gets the help she needs…thank u again for keeping us all entertained ❤

  31. Being from the Scranton PA area, Wilkes-barre is literally terrifying. I never went there at night. I avoided that area altogether aside from Vino's ❤ I'd put my life at risk for those hoagies.

  32. D: Ok, story 6, I'm sorry you have to deal with this because it just ain't right. I'm from the metropolitan area of Philly, and sending well wishes to be safe.

  33. Ok we have all thirsted over Joel for sure & have thought how great it would be to meet him in person. But seriously, the last story is insane! We have to respect his privacy & his want to be anonymous! We don’t get to decide what people share with us, just enjoy what they do!

  34. I live in PA too!
    Yikes what a whack job. Get yourself a pack of dogs. I have 5. I feel awfully safe lol!

  35. Hi! I'm a new sub. These stories were freaky especially because I live in the Philadelphia area. However, that last email was f'd up. Please be very careful because you never know. Thanks for your videos.

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