5 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Pennsylvania | US Travel Guide

5 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Pennsylvania, United States.

Pennsylvania is a state rich in history with incredible nature, busy big cities, and friendly small towns. The state is divided into eleven regions, each with their own unique atmosphere and demographic. From Pennsylvania Dutch Country to Lehigh Valley to the Poconos, there are so many towns to discover. All perfect for travelers who love to venture into unknown territory and see aspects of Pennsylvania that most of the world never gets a chance to.

Many visitors (and Pennsylvanians themselves) love to cover the state with a good old-fashion road trip. Pennsylvania roads will lead you through beautiful forests, lakes, waterfalls and small towns known for welcoming any visitor who comes by, no matter how long the pit stop.

See sights of famous Civil War battles, take a factory tour, ride along an old-time railroad, explore peaceful Amish country, and taste gourmet mushrooms all within the borders of this interesting state.

Here are the best small towns to visit in Pennsylvania, USA:

1. New Hope
2. Jim Thorpe
3. Lititz
4. York
5. Bloomsburg


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  1. I'm wondering why York is on here. I don't believe York is a good place to go. York is on other lists of worst places to live in PA and understandibly so. I live in Southwestern PA, just 25 miles south of Pittsburgh in a small town called Perryopolis. And we consider this an amazing place, it has beautiful countryside, incredible farmland and many historical spots. I'll be doing a youtube series on this area soon. Stay tuned.

  2. I lived in Bloomsburg from 1971 until 1976 when I returned to Wilmington, Delaware to live. Bloomsburg has loads of hills to ride up on your bike and zip down. I lived in the Scott Township section of Bloomsburg but often rode my bike in downtown Bloomsburg; it was a great way to get in a workout

  3. My ears are unable to tolerate that evoice…too much of a jerky robotic voice, does not use adjectives nor prepositions properly if at all. Made in China?

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