2022 NFL Draft: BEST player selected by the Washington Commanders | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco, Brady Quinn and Ryan Wilson join CBS Sports HQ to break down Prisco’s draft grade and best player selected for the Commanders.


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  1. To soon to grade draft picks. Even the way the media chooses is just for ability and the possible expectations. They don't include team needs, how they can adapt to a pro level. Maturity, and staying on the field. But the media does as well as they can. It will take a couple of years to really grade draft picks.

  2. How can a QB that wont play this year or the next be the best player? Heniecke will outplay everyone in training camp..

  3. I watch this kid get beat by my Hokies and VT had the worse defense in the ACC. Lol. Sam is a bust.

  4. On player grades for draft…I would love to see an analysis of grades given and how they turned out 1 year later, 3 and 5. Remember Tyreek Hill taken in 5th and the infamous 199 in the sixth of you know who. All grades are just speculation and content filler. But I’d love to know how accurate.

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