101 Facts About Pennsylvania

Hello again motherfactors! Today we’re headed back to the good old U.S of A, and taking a look at one of the most historically important places in America. So let’s stop by Philly, Pittsburgh, and see the Liberty Bell and our pals over in Scranton! Yep, this is 101 About Pennsylvania!

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  1. Yea most people come to PA thinking to get the Amish/farm experience but then are take a back by people smoking crack at the part im form we call Columbia pa scumbia and Philadelphia pilladelphia there's many more but I dont care to share

  2. Hello from Bethlehem PA! You could of at least mention the importance of the steel industry Bethlehem and Pittsburgh had throughout the years…. Bethlehem Steel steel is found ALL OVER the nation!

  3. Yes, I live in PA. In a borough, not a town. I was born here, but moved away at age 18. Came back and went to Mansfield University of Pennsylvania at age 26. Graduated at age 30. Moved out again. And came back at age 38. I guess I’ll stay here now. I’m too old to live that bohemian life anymore. My mom calls me and my brothers Gypsies, because we’re always moving around.

  4. You consistently referred to Pennsylvania as a "state" throughout the video when in fact, Pennsylvania is a commonwealth…

  5. Pennsylvania (especially Lancaster County) where treason, perjury and the deletion of video footage is legal in the court of law.

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  7. My dad went to Pennsylvania in the 80’s. He said he met the most kind and welcoming people there. Hope to be able to visit after the pandemic. Grettings from Denmark 🇺🇸🇩🇰

  8. pls the amount of stairs going up to houses in pgh is like almost every house mg-

    also the guy who starred in jurrasic park was born where i was born 😃

  9. How are you going to talk about PA and not talk about WAWA?

    My home town is Levittown PA. I have not lived in PA for the past 20 years but will still always be home.

    I did not know until I moved to Colorado you can not buy beer or booze in supermarket or convert stores in PA. I do believe they finally lifted that.

  10. #37 Johnstown Flood if 1936 wasn't the worst flood they had (25 people were killed). In 1889, 2,200 people were killed.

  11. I'm from outback Australia but I reckon Pennsylvania's country side would look awesome in winter with all the snow

  12. Almost got Lancaster right. It's "LANK-ister."
    I'm sure the web has a real image of Three Mile Island you could have used.
    Excellent otherwise.

  13. The worst state on earth , they're so racist they made me kick white ppl outta my barbershop in Florida today cause of the shock I got back in the day in PA.

  14. Surprised he didn’t mention the Johnstown Flood of 1977. That one actually effected my mom

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