10 Reasons Why Pennsylvania is Dying

The United States is packed full of places people want to visit and even move to. Then…there’s Pennsylvania, one of the fastest shrinking states in the nation. Over 53% of all Pennsylvians who moved this past year moved OUT of the state. Between unemployment, high taxes, and crime infestation, you can hardly blame them.

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  1. I’ve been living in Pennsylvania for the past 20 years and it’s a shame to see what has been happening in the state. The state is really not doing well economically and many people are miserable. There are just no good jobs available in literally 90% of the state. There isn’t really much to do and most people just go to other states to look for something to do. I hope it changes but for now it looks pretty bleak.

  2. For people reading this, Pennsylvania really isn’t that bleak. We are a huge state that has been completely pillaged by capitalism. In spite of that the state is actually really nice.

  3. Hey, genius. Yeah, you, who made this video. Western Pennsylvania has abundant energy in natural gas and coal. Western Pennsylvania has abundant farmland. Western Pennsylvania has an abundance of fresh water.
    Go find all three in one region anywhere else.

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