10 Places in PENNSYLVANIA You Should NEVER Move To

Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!

If you were going to make a list of places to NOT to move to in Pennsylvania, you’d have a lot to choose from. Many people wouldn’t want to live on a farm, or in smallish communities where there isn’t even electricity. Or in an old beat up former coal mining town where the local economy is horrible. Many of us wouldn’t want to live in a big inner city where violence and homelessness rules the day.

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You could actually choose many MANY places in Pennsylvania that would be a bad choice for a newcomer. Long time Pennsylvania residents could rattle off at least 20 places they wouldn’t want to live in themselves. And, in case you didn’t know, migration TO the Keystone State stopped being positive a long while ago.

Anyways, because everyone likes lists in tens, we did a lot of homework to bring you a list of only 10 places in Pennsylvania where you should NEVER move, even though there’s way more than that.

We’re going to talk about places in Pittsburgh, near Philadelphia and near Scranton. Places like McKeesport, Chester, Reading and more!

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Places to get involved:

Brownsville: By Phillips2438 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

By David Wilson from Oak Park, Illinois, USA – 20140523 26 Warbonnet under wires, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, CC BY 2.0,

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  1. How would you know about WB if you don't live here. I thought the same thing before I moved here. Get your facts straight BUDDY!!!

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  3. I'm calling BS on the Pittsburgh being in this list. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2011 and I can say it was the best time. Lived there about 5 yrs and only moved when my company transfered me to Ohio. I lived about 2 blocks from Pen stadium aka PPG arena. It was very safe. Sorry but

  4. Used to work with this guy who lived in McKeesport, i felt bad for him, he served 2 years for self defense of him and his family because an armed robber broke in and he shot/killed the perp. He still served 2 years. His buddy that worked with him (we were both sub contractors) got gutted by someone basically, pissed off the wrong person, and they intended to kill him in the most horrific way but the joke was on him because he survived! Had a scar that looked like he got gutted like a deer! And basically was. Had to grab ladders one day after i went on vacation and was trying to find his house and pulled over to look at the map and a damn hooker appeared out of nowhere! But there is a really cool gun store in McKeesport, you need it there although if you use it the libtards will put you in jail regardless!

  5. At the end of the day the state is a commonwealth and the blame to the majority of the state looking run down falls on the the politicians. I have to say that the mayor in wilkesbarre now has been doi g his best to knock down abandoned homes brought alot of bussiness back to the area. The city has become highly diverse. There are so many restaurants from different cultures in the downtown area. The police department has been doing a much better job in taking control of crime. They jist need to start fining slum lords because thays a part of some neighborhoods looking run down.

  6. People only stay in shitty cities like Harrisburg because they can't afford to move.
    Protip for PA: if it's affordable, you don't want to live there.
    Shoutout to my hometown York, that place sucks!

  7. You are very rude in this video about calling people randomly and then continuing to try to talk to them after they tell you they are busy. I will NOT watch any more of your videos.

  8. Relieved Camden isn't in PA. It rivals Chester. I always liked Pittsburgh, most from Philly couldn't find it on a map, and wouldn't bother. Then there are some Philly neighborhoods OMG!

  9. I like how you give honorable mentions to other bad cities in the vicinity of the cities on your list. More information is always better. It's also a good way to incentivize people to watch your whole video instead of just fast forwarding to see the names on the list.

  10. Pennsylvania sucks, that's why people are leaving in droves. Not to mention Pennsylvania is draconian, strict in its punishments and not very friendly. Try waving to a stranger, you've got less than a 50% chance of getting a wave back.

  11. Harrisburg is bad but the downtown is improving with a lot of new businesses, but due to the economic fallout of COVID violent crime has gotten worse. Harrisburg school district is also one of the worst in the state, it’s really bad.

  12. You literally started this list with the best possible reason to move to Pa. I’ve lived all over the country in places I’ve loved. Pittsburgh is one of them. Education, hospitals, food, sports, tech, standard of living. It often ranks high on livable, towns to visit, affordable locals to retire. And with global warming we have 3 months of winter and then warm, cooler, warm, hot, cool, warm, hot, late autumn comfy and winter again.

  13. i have called Pittsburgh my home my hole life and yes your right. a city called Mckeesport is rated the worst city in the USA to live it over took gray in. a few years ago. the sunray company is in Mckeesport. i grew up a few miles away. so yeah DO NOT GO TO McKeesport'pa!

  14. Well at least Allentown was only mentioned and not on this list. That's a good sign. Still hate it here though, nothing to really do and there are more apartments than needed

  15. Well every place is far away from me Wilkes-Barre is the closest an hour away. But I have to say I absolutely love where I live in NEPA.

  16. Pennsylvania is nice place to live unless you want to live in the city I would rather live in the cities and live in it I live in Pennsylvania

  17. Were do you live.
    Why not do the same thing with your own state.
    I have been acrossed the country, and there are places like that in every state.
    Do you even live in PA. ?

  18. 🤣😉 im born and raised in Pennsylvania, there isn’t a place i’d recommend living to anybody anywhere in the world..cause i trust nobody and that’s statistically smart. ive been to brazil in nice and bad places, ive been down in Florida, every place is the same and you’re a lame for considering a place bad based on the building structures. i guess you’re an architect or something. if you’re rich then stay out of pennsylvania is the moto. We’re all humble here, but we have a ton of christians who are passionate about change they just work to hard

  19. Some areas of York are beautiful, but not the ghetto city obviously but that’s everywhere in every major city even Amish Lancaster

  20. I live in Allentown PA and was wondering if it would be on this list but I'm not surprised it isn't 💪

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