10 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania 2021 | Pennsylvania, United States

Pennsylvania is downright beautiful. The State of Independence is home to some of the country’s richest history, incredible culture and, yes, a picturesque scenery.

0. 00:00 – intro
1. 08:46 – Penn Wynne
2. 07:48 – Hershey
3. 07:07 – Mount Lebanon
4. 06:10 – Jefferson Hills
5. 05:19 – South Park
6. 04:38 – Bethel Park
7. 03:49 – Radnor Township
8. 03:05 – Emmaus
9. 02:11 – McCandless
10. 01:18 – Lower Salford


  1. YouTubers have to realize by now that people switch off robot voiced vids within the first sentence. FFS!

  2. I have lived in PA most of my life, except when I was in the military and now live out of the country because I can't afford to live in the US. I was an on the road salesman and traveled throughout PA and find it interesting that I never heard of many of these locations.

  3. Who writes this drivel?? Pennsylvania is NOT "the oil state". It is and has always been The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The Keystone State.

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